Making Open Access the New Normal

It has never been so easy to obtain grants for open access publications from the SNSF. Researchers can now apply for them on the mySNF online platform – even after the project has ended.

All researchers supported by the SNSF are required to publish their results in freely accessible articles, books or book chapters. The SNSF makes it easy for them by covering their publication costs.

A simple process

Since 1 October 2018, researchers have been able to submit applications for open access grants directly via the online platform mySNF. This further simplifies the application process for such grants:

  • On the usual mySNF user interface, enter a few details of your open access publication. The system will add any information that is already available, e.g. your personal data.
  • For articles and book chapters: Send the SNSF the publisher’s invoice. We will check and settle it. Or you can pay it yourself and send it to us up to six months after the publication date along with a proof of payment. We will then refund the money to your account.
  • Please note in particular: You can request support for your publications at any time, irrespective of whether your project is still ongoing or has already ended.

“With these innovations, we have eliminated further administrative hurdles,” says Tobias Philipp, OA coordinator at the SNSF. “Applying for an open access grant could hardly be any easier.”

Comprehensive financing

The SNSF had already adapted its open access funding in April 2018. Subsequently, researchers no longer needed to include the costs of open access publication in their project proposal. The SNSF covers these expenses as supplementary costs in addition to the main project grant. The SNSF has for the time being lifted the cap of CHF 3000 for journal articles (APCs).

Moreover, the SNSF has also started financing the publication costs of digital books (BPCs) and book chapters (BCPCs). Books may still be printed in parallel with the open access publication. However, the SNSF does not cover the printing costs. Open access monographs, doctoral theses / habilitations and anthologies are funded even if they are not the result of an SNSF project.

The new normal

“We want open access to become the new normal. Needless to say, this involves simpler admin tasks and a wide range of funding options,” says Tobias Philipp. As of 2020, all SNSF-funded publications should be freely accessible. This will lend research results greater visibility and expand their reach.

For more detailed information, please visit the SNSF’s new open access website.

Open access website of the SNSF

(This post appeared originally on October 10, 2018 on the Newsroom section of the SNF’s “Research in Focus”.)

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